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media lab
september 22nd — october 22nd, 2000
albrecht dürer gesellschaft/ kunstverein nürnberg
opening hours: thu-sun, 2 pm—6 pm
and by arrangement
Mea culpa, Frank Fietzek (Hamburg,D), 1993
Commodore-personal computer, disc-drive, monitor
The ancient computer missed his connection to the modern times. He became useless and depressed. On the screen which faces the monitor, randomly sentences like: "I am old", "I am slow", "I am ugly", "I am dumb"... show up.

untitled game, jodi (Barcelona, Spanien), 1999
Computer game for Mac/PC
Modified 'Wolfenstein' (predecessor of 'Doom' und 'Quake'). The 3-d graphics have radically been reduced to a b/w environment. Simple geometrical forms as circles, squares, rectangles and lines create the illusion of threedimensional spaces. The player has to shoot his/her way from one level to the next, eliminating the hostile triangulars. The soundtrack consists of fragments of the original sound.
download at: (ca. 1MB)

"Cable Xcess", 1996, 5 minutes
"Watch Out for Invisible Ghosts", 1996, 5 minutes
"Action", 1997, 5 minutes
"Host", 1997, 5 minutes
"Screening Room", 1998/99, 5 minutes
"testing_results", 2000, 5 minutes 30 seconds
Kristin Lucas (New York, USA), 1999 generator, Cornelia Sollfrank (Hamburg, D), 1999
Website/ Computer with internet access
Not only 'smart artists', but anyone should make use of the generator! Never before, it was so easy to make art! Just let the machine do the work for you. Type in the title of your piece, and wait and see! A selection of the automatically generated pieces will be transformed from the world wide web and materialize as reliable pictures on the wall.

Dream Kitchen, Josephine Starrs und Leon Cmielewski (Sydney, Australien), 1999
The shift from dream to nightmare can be as sudden as the collapse of domestic bliss into chaos.
In this interactive 'Dream Kitchen' players stumble through leaky borders in the sterile 3D world to find that benaeth the surface runs a parallel universe populated with inspirited objects.

instant ASCII camera, Vuk Cosic (Ljubljana, Slowenien), 1999
Installation including camera and computer
The Instant ASCII Camera is working like the known instant cameras in the railway stations, with the obvious difference that it produces portraits in ASCII style. The client approaches the camera, presses the green button and instantly receives his/her portraiton a supermarket type of receipt. The use of the machine is not being charged.

new media, old business, 4000 (Hamburg, D), 2000
The Hamburg-based painter 4000 processes in his new series the logos of hard- and software companies, which have a permanent presence in the everyday-life of any computer user. His gestural and generous painting style breakes through the smooth surfaces of representation and raises the question what actually hides behind these contemporary icons.

Audio Angst, Josephine Starrs&Leon Cmielewski (Sydney, Australien), 2000
The 'paranoid poetry generator' was a website where people were asked to input a line of text describing there personal paranoia. These phrases where then combined randomly in groups of three to make a poem. eg:'....dark and crazy
....i fear my words are wasted're invading my computer'
We recorded people whispering these phrases and mixed them to make an amibient soundscape for exhibtion in public spaces.

Trans Mute, Sarah Waterson (Sydney, Australien), 2000
The basic idea of the installation is to broadcast threaded messages from a web site into a public space. It was conceived as a way of getting around censorship in the city. Details about the project can be found at:
At the LIQUID HACKING LABORATORY there will be a similar set up, an online bulletin board, based around the art and hacking thematic. The postings will be "broadcast" via a microwave transmittter into the gallery space.

Lia (Wien, AU) 1999/2000
"Very often, the process of programming holds an element of surprise and wonder, because mathematics is just working its way, and very often the results are not foreseeable. Programming can be like creating my own butterflies and watching them fly.