On the construction of digital personalities, needs and desires

*Viral Sex, female conspiracy plan for project realisation in follow up events/meetings/online collaboration*

*resulting VRML project: online avatars*
The topic is a working titel for a concrete project, that should come out of the workshop. Its results shall give ground in Dataspace to a female position towards images and constructions of femail identities for females.
As grrl being interested also in technical Standards of netculture, like VRML2.0, the so called "human face of the 3rd web", you are permanently confronted with specific ways of the representation of the female (body) in the 3D web. Analog 1:1 copies and cloned Marilyns (for sexual use?) make the field.

*Online Personae*
During our talks in the Orangerie some idealised/idolised images, icons or imaging of the female shall be reflected by concrete online examples, which can be also brought to discussion by you. The option for emancipation from these icons of netculture may be opened.
Individual online Personae can be explained or shown.

*Sexual Personae*
New formats for the Sexual Persona, that can be built up also by a number of participants and is not just centered on the reflection of the self, of one idetity can be considered. In concete terms a collective sexual persona could be visioned and as follow up be made. Proposal: lets conspire in such a experimental set on Cysex and femprn.

First also terminology has to be cleared. Lots of nettheorie is more concret poetry. ScieFi and CyFe are working with same terms. But digital reality is concerned in the fe/mail case, so we have to clear, what we are meaning, when talking more conrete.
f.ex.: Coyote, the tricky, lying entity in confrontation with technoscience. This characteristics of a indian deus is also used as identification figur for cyfems.
Avatar, as representaion and incarnation of goddess links to the next cyfem term of cymystizism. Who wants to make us believe in the devinity of dataspace? Theorists or industry?
(Gendercrossing in Habitat ist taken over from beginning on by a Yakuzy family.)

*codesses solving godesses*
A certain femail selfunderstanding can evolve by the focus on netprotocolls and its ideological implications. Colonisation happens through scripting languages of Inet, like any language you are forced to use means a factor of power, limiting of being able to express yourselve. Can we also consider natural datsets made up by codes as avatars expressing also the livingconditions in netculture? is showing some wurmls of netprotocolls, in which is moving.
Do the codings of the net contain immanent faschism or sexism?

Reflections for superfem avatars:
1. Testing of terminologies (Avatar, Coyotefeminism, sel(ves)representations, possible forms of represestations for personal/natural Datasets, Online Persona, Sexual Personae)
2. checking possible models for femail digital selfrepresentation, how the databody can be represented
3. common Codes/esses (technical standards)
4. desires
5. online examples of female datasets/avatars
6. comparision with the industrial images of woman (male seeingmachine pornografy) on the female databody
7. Is Mr Data sexy? Cyborgsex? Which images/data we want to see for our pleasure, what female obnline prn would be interesting?