"Split bodies and fluid gender: the cutting edge of information technology--(between scientific and artistic visions)" by Claudia Reiche

  • Claudia Reiche
    Bio(r)Evolution ®. On the Contemporary Military-Medical Complex
  • Maren Hartmann
    Cyberflaneuse — Create or kill?
  • Helene von Oldenburg
    SpiderBug, Browsing the brain

  • Claudia Reiche
    Pixel by Image: A fantastic voyage to 'Dandy Dust' (Film by Hans Scheirl,1998)

  • "Women Hackers" by Cornelia Sollfrank

  • Cornelia Sollfrank
    Introduction — First Woman Hacker
  • Rena Tangens
    How to become a Hacker
  • Barbara Thoens
    Linux and the Free Software Philosophy
  • Stephanie Wehner
    Privacy and Anonymity on the Net
  • Corrine Petrus & Marieke van Santen
    Hacking from a technical Point of view

    "Feminist Activism/ Resistance/ Intervention/ Globalism"
    by Yvonne Volkart and Faith Wilding

  • Maria Fernandez and Faith Wilding
    Feminism, Difference, and Global Capital
  • Yvonne Volkart
    Art Strategies of the New World Order, or, What do resistant art works look like?
  • Caroline Bassett
    A Manifesto Against Manifestoes
  • Rachel Baker
    Art of Work, and Cultural Terrorist Agency (CTA)
  • Rasa Smite
    NET AUDIO: enlivening Cyberspace
  • Mare Tralla (Estonia/UK) and Pam Skelton (UK)
    Private Views: Space Re/Cognized in contemporary art from Estonia and Britain