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media lab
september 22nd — september 26th, 2000
albrecht dürer gesellschaft/ kunstverein nürnberg
daily: 7pm
friday, september 22nd, 2000
VUK COSIC, Ljubljana (SI)
Hacker Folklor, Contemporary ASCII and external reality
After decades of existence as central aesthetical fixture of the global hacker folklor, ASCII art is being appropriated by art world and by the mainstream entertainment business.Vuk Cosic is showing his work and talking about what went wrong.

saturday, september 23rd, 000
KATE RICH (Bureau of Inverse Technology) (London, GB), 19:00 uhr
bit camera technique
kate rich, bit videographer, presents some recent and active projects of the bureau of inverse technology [bit], including miniature spyplane mission over the silicon valley california, researching the progress of the Information Age.

ALEXEI SHULGIN (Moscow, RU), 20:00 uhr
Hacking People's Desires

Some personal examples of resistance to mass-produced and socially imposed desire and fun. All-digital, low-tech and no-budget experience. High efficiency through precise targeting.

sunday, september 24th, 2000
hacker slime | pussy hack | slimy hackz n' crackz | hacks in spiral space | deep hack

Emerging from australian cyber swamp slime in 1991, the cyberfeminist virus
group VNS MATRIX transmitted their terminally bad code through various
collective and individual projects, from ALL NEW GEN to CORPUSFANTASTICA
MOO, from user-unfriendly zones to ponds of dead girls, continually meta-refreshed by the mantra 'suck my code, baby!'

monday, september 25th, 2000
R™ark, (Los Angeles, USA)
Corporate Consulting for the 21st Century

Rtmark is a corporation that funds the sabotage of corporate culture.
Just as corporations are solely and entirely machines to increase their shareholders' wealth (often to the detriment of organic life) so RTMark is a machine to improve its shareholders' life (sometimes to the detriment of corporate wealth). As a public company we welcome shareholders to participate by submitting ideas, work or funds. Investors can then sit back and watch as their funds reap cultural profit by *any* and *all* means necessary--just like in the financial market!

tuesday, september 26th, 2000

The authors of the books 'Hackerland' and 'Hackertales' give away private details. As insiders of the cracker scene they answer questions like: What are the origins of the scene? How is it organized? What are it's codes? Where does the scene meet? And how does it protect itself? This and much more you will learn from the presentation which will additionally show unique visual material, i.e. cracktros and demos.
After the presentation we'll have a little finissage of the media lab with Denis and Evrim giving tastings of chiptuned music.